Welcome to The Tennessee Team Trail


We are very excited to announce the arrival of our 2018 season!

We had a great season in 2017 with our membership growing again by leaps and bounds.  We have been able to keep most of the same sponsors as we have had. Stratos has gone away since they are no longer being built.

We have been able to add Gator Gaurdz and Nitro to the list of sponsors and also been able to add them as a contingency program.

Our schedule for 2018 has changed the venue of the classic this year to Watts Bar Lake giving us a different look for 2018.

We are very excited for new changes helping us grow into one of the largest tournament trails in the area.


Tennessee Team Trail

Tennessee Team Trail
Phone: (865) 376-7227
Fax: (865) 376-5856

Tournament Directors

  • Mikie Heidle - #865-466-9019
  • Matt McKee - #865-740-9780
  • Kenny Barding - #252-571-9248